Ricardo believes local elections matter most in this great nation-state of ours we call the US of A because these elections are the ones that affect us directly. The leadership of a City Council Representative is indispensable to the residents of the district which he or she represents. 

Over the last 15 years, Ricardo has actively participated in the North Texas Region’s youth sports arena as a volunteer coach. He has canvassed our community and shared valuable resident programs such as Neighborhood Empowerment Zone, Lead-Free Paint Program, and Waste Management Services.

He believes the residents and constituents of District 9 have a historic role to play in the citywide elections of 2021 in comparison to those of 2019. It is therefore his intention to do all that he can to ensure our campaign is a success.


All his life he has been preparing for this role. First, as a Webelo Scout in Boy Scouts of America before participating in JROTC in high school. Then, as an active US Marine in Operation Desert Fox. He has traveled the world almost from sea to shining sea which has allowed him to also see our current world from a diverse perspective. These experiences and many more have allowed him to envision a prosperous future for our community and the confidence of knowing the residents and constituents of District 9 are also as self-confident, undaunted, and relentless in creating real change.



31st Marine Expeditionary Unit members Lance Corporal Ricardo Avitia (left), a rifleman helps Corporal Jimmy M. Hussey get his M40 chemical-biological field mask fitted properly. Nuclear, Biological, Chemical (NBC) protective equipment was a major concern of these Marines as they set up defensive positions in the desert somewhere in Southwestern Asia.


- 1998 U.S. National Archives 

Ricardo served in the United States Marine Corps attached to 2nd Battalion, 4th Marines Infantry unit based out Camp Pendleton California. In 1998 he deployed in defense of our country during Operation Desert Fox and Operation Southern Watch. His commitment to our country is an example of his continued service and commitment to our community and his future commitment to District 9.